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Congratulations Meg & Steve

Congratulations Meg & Steve

To celebrate the recent marriage of our friends Meg and Steve, let's see if we can raise a little money for the worthy organization ProLiteracy Worldwide (recipient of a 2018 Library of Congress Literacy Award). Every dollar we raise will advance ProLiteracy's great cause! For more information, visit

Contribute here and please share this page with friends and colleagues.

Together, we can make a difference AND honor this awesome DC Power Couple!


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1. LRLidia Rajeff
2. MBMelissa Blaschke
Congrats and best wishes!!!
3. AHAnne Harrison
Happy to donate to such a great program. And congratulations!
4. DPDavid Perrotta
Congratulations Meg & Steve. Wishing you abundant connunbial felicity!