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Emerald Publishing's Blind Date with a Beach Read

Emerald Publishing

Emerald Publishing

Approximately 36 million adults in the United States cannot read above a third-grade level. Those who are illiterate experience higher rates of unemployment and greater health risks. Less than 10 percent of adults in need are receiving an education, and 68 percent of adult literacy programs have waiting lists.

To help address this problem, Emerald Publishing has asked its staff to fundraise for ProLiteracy, a worldwide non-profit providing adult literacy and English as a Second Language education.

Last quarter, Emerald's North American office organized a virtual run; together the staff ran over 2,500 miles. Now, Emerald is organizing a Blind Date with a Beach Read fundraiser just in time for summer! Pick up a book at Broadsheet Coffee (https://www.broadsheetcoffee.com/, 100 Kirkland St, Cambridge, MA) from June 20th to 22nd. Donate the cost of your book in cash at the coffee shop or directly to our event fundraiser here!

Your support will help adults gain literacy skills and break the cycle of poverty, improve public health, and advance human rights on a local and global level. Thank you!


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I am not much of a reader but I found something that looked interesting.. I can't wait to get it started.