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Team Fuck This Shit

Team Fuck This Shit

Once upon a time, Romance Writers of America used to raise money for literacy, and this was awesome.

Then I said “fuck” and “shit” about racism, and everything all went to hell. But “fuck” and “shit” are perfectly good words, which every literate American should know, and so here’s a team out to support a few of the good things in life: literacy, and fucking shit up for literacy.

Every $200 donated gets a Pele picture. Every fifth Pele picture is one of him as a puppy. Every $2500 is a Pele video. And every so often, you’ll get a cat. (Silver comes and goes at nobody’s schedule.)

If you don’t want to donate or boost teams with the words “fuck” and “shit” in it, you’re totally valid, and I suggest boosting Team Bevyville or Team Tessa!


Pele #27 is getting a bath and wants us to know it’s not his favorite. 😕

And here’s a bonus: Pele and Silver playing! (Also starring: the ubiquitous cat and dog fur that never really all comes off the rug.)

Finally, here’s video Pele #2! Look at this flying pup.

Pele #26: Happy to get out and romp among trees in snow! Winter is his favorite season.

Pele #25.3 : No sheep in the picture, but LOOK at that little dog. So scary. So intent. So focused. Sheep would never stand a chance.

Pele #25.2 Here he is again! If you’re ever wondering how big a dog has to be to herd sheep, the answer is (a) not very big, if the sheep are dog broke and (b) no dog can herd them, if the sheep aren’t dog broke.

This is Pele #25.1 (there are two other pictures in this set). Pele is 5 1/2 weeks old, and was taken out with his brothers and sisters to see if he had shepherding instincts. Spoiler: he did!

Pele #24 is standing at the top of a trail. Yes, that’s a trail, not a small creek. There was a lot of rain that day!

Pele #23 is posing like a wild wolf in a film about to howl. In reality he’s just telling us to hurry up because we’re so slow.

I missed the notification for the last few donations, and so I definitely need to catch us up on so much! Here’s Pele #22: high altitude Pele, climbing up Mt. Sneffels in Colorado with us!


Here’s Pele #21: sitting in snow to cool off, because it’s hard being a black dog in sunshine!


Pele #20: baby Pele sitting in a plastic bucket. He would definitely no longer fit!


Here’s Pele running in snow with a lot of mountains!


Pele #18 is expressing interest in my stir fry. Those eyes. Thank you all so much for bringing us this far!

Here’s Pele #17 by a stream!

Here’s Pele #16, near the ridge on a hike, looking like he needs a little water. (Don’t worry, he’s getting it soon!) Thank you all!

Pele #15: Here’s baby Pele in 2-day-old hamster mode. He’s the one on top.

Pele 14: in deep dead grass, with snow around him, and his ball a comfortable distance away.

Finally, here is the first Pele video! I clearly suck at YouTube uploads because the title is...not descriptive. But here’s Pele playing his favorite game of fetch with himself.

Pele #13 is covered in ice balls.

This is a bonus 12.5 Pele on a beach, but at sunset.

Pele #12 is a Pele on a beach!


Here’s Pele #11, heading down a slide.

Pele #10! It’s a playful Pele puppy. *cries*

Have Pele #9! Cooling off and fetching his ball in the summer.

Pele #8: A wild Pele emerges from the mist

Here’s Pele #7, launching himself off the dock into clear mountain waters!

I will be giving you the Pele pictures I owe you, but upon request, here is one of Silver, hiding in the grasses.

Pele #6: A happy Pele on a trail!

Pele #5! Pele #5 is a throwback Pele! Here he is, at the tender age of six weeks old. LOOK HOW TINY.

Here, have a wet Pele sniffing grass in the rain!

Here is Pele at the John Martin Reservoir. I am really sorry; for some reason it keeps double-posting my photos and then when I try to clean it up, it double deletes them. Hopefully I can figure out how to not do that!

Here is Pele leaping for a Frisbee!

Here’s our first Pele picture! Let’s goooo!


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