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Queer Romance for Literacy

Adriana Herrera

Adriana Herrera

Each summer for many years, the RWA “Readers for Life” Autographing raised money for ProLiteracy.

This year, many of us won't be attending, but are taking Ms. Beverly Jenkins and Tessa Dare's lead to help raise money for this amazing cause. Annabeth Albert, Jeff Adams, Will Knauss and myself have joined together to call on the Queer Romance community.

As a diverse, robust and driven part of Romancelandia we hope you join us this. Every person who donates $5 or more dollars will be entered to win a couple of signed copies from one of us. If you donate $10 or more you will be entered to receive a signed set of the Dreamers series or a full signed set of the Frozen Hearts from Annabeth Albert, as well as a books from EJ Russell and Jackie North.

Thank you!!!


raised of $100 goal

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Team Queer Romance for Literacy