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Skye Warren

Skye Warren

I'm so excited to contribute to ProLiteracy as part of their special Romance for Literacy program! This money will go to fund an exciting new project—a training course designed for women with low literacy, in particular survivors of domestic violence.

Please donate as much as you're able!

To show my gratitude, I have the following rewards...

❧ $25 and above - Everyone who donates at least $25 will get a mystery paperback signed by Skye Warren, which can be personalized!

❧ $50 and above - Everyone who donates at least $50 can get your choice of TWO books signed by Skye Warren which can be personalized. This reward also comes with a tote bag and other premium merchandise!

❧ $100 and above - Everyone who donates at least $100 can get your choice of FIVE books signed and personalized by Skye Warren, along with a tote bag and premium swag for book lovers!

Thank you so much! Please send your receipt or screenshot to assistant@skyewarren.com to claim your rewards!

IMPORTANT: Shipping is included for US orders. For international orders, we'll find out the shipping cost and bill that via Paypal.

Yours, Skye Warren


raised of $1,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. Ariana Šuligoj
Always willing to help <3
2. SAShel Abshire
For the women I know who crawled out of the dark.
3. SLSarah Long
4. BDBrenda DeJesus
always happy to help.
5. rgRobyn Orban Griggs
What a beautiful way to fight domestic violence.
6. CMCindy L. McCabe
To reaching your Potential of power for the future

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