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Of the more than 43 million adults in the United States who lack basic literacy skills, two-thirds are women. Research also shows that up to 90% of domestic abuse survivors lack financial literacy skills. Without basic skills, women with low literacy skills often cannot get good employment, care for themselves and their families, or manage their financial lives.

The current global pandemic COVID-19 could also uniquely affect domestic violence survivors.
  • Abusive partners may withhold necessary items, such as hand sanitizer or disinfectants.
  • Abusive partners may share misinformation about the pandemic to control or frighten survivors, or prevent them from seeking appropriate medical attention if they have symptoms.
  • Abusive partners may withhold insurance cards, threaten to cancel insurance, or prevent survivors from seeking medical attention if they need it.
With your help, we can create an online, direct-to-student course that will be free to domestic violence shelters and other social service organizations. It would not only teach women the basic financial literacy skills they need to become independent—such as budgeting and how to manage their money—but will also develop basic reading, writing, and language skills.
As a result, women will be able to gain the confidence they need to transition into traditional adult education programs where they can earn their high school equivalencies, become U.S. citizens, or increase their basic literacy skills to create better lives for themselves and their families.
It’s easy to help, just follow these steps: donate, start your own team, and fundraise among friends, family, co-workers, and your community. Help support women through literacy! 
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